Consider...or not

The Good Read
This election year is causing a lot of conflicts, debates, and smashed styrofoam cups in the Blind Cafe and Dry Well Bait and Tackle shop.  Coffee sales are up though.
In times like these it is important to remember the great truthes and fundamental values that make America the greatest country on earth .

You can always turn off your smartphone or avoid the internet if you desire some intellectual peace of mind.  You cannot turn off that artifically intelligent person who sits down nearby and starts yacking.
What to do?  Go to higher ground.
Pick up a copy of Mortimer J. Adler's Six Great Ideas.  This short book and fascinating read refreshd, invigorated, and idiot proofd your intellectual foundations from the ravages of 21st Century mind pollution and annoying Millennials.
Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, Equality, and Liberty are discussed in clear, non-political fashion.  The ideas expressed in this easy to read volume will have you pondering universal principles that apply to rational human beings.  Millennials won't like this book.
Check Your Email Before Hitting the Send Button
A couple were going on a vacation together but the wife had an emergency at work. So they agreed the husband would go as planned and his wife would meet him at the hotel the next day.

When the husband got to his hotel and had checked in, he thought he should send his wife a quick email letting her know he'd got there ok.

As he typed in her email address, he made a typo mistake and his email was erroneously sent to an elderly preacher’s wife whose husband had sadly died just the day before.
When the grieving old preacher's wife checked her emails, she read the one from the husband, let out an awful, loud, piercing scream, and fainted on the floor.

At the sound of her falling, her family rushed into the room. They tended to her and then looked at her computer and saw this email on her screen:

Dearest Wife,
  Just checked in to my room. Everything is prepared for your arrival tomorrow.

P.S. It sure is hot down here.
Testes Park Quotes that Hit and Miss
Of Town Trusteees:   "There are a lot of fools around here masquerading as idiots."

Regarding the Voters
: "The number of idiots far outnumbers the informed.   They have the rght to vote, too."

Testes Park Comprehensive Plan:  "In the Kingdom of the Blind, the one-eyed man will have his eye put out."
Mayor and Board Transparency:  "Seeing only part of the truth is worse than seeing the whole lie."

Board Performance Appraisal:  "Never before in the annals of Testes Park have some many done so little for so long."
Sharp Observations: "Never have breakfast with the Mayor and order toast.  He can't tell the difference between shit and apple butter.