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Ms. Claire Jannock is a leading global spokesperson on the subjects of government accountability and citizen advocacy.


Home schooled from the earliest age in a small, Rocky Mountain Colorado community (Estes Park), Ms. Jannock achieved the highest academic credentials available on a global stage to prepare for her life's work and calling.


A hard core advocate of the highest American values (Freedom, Liberty, Integrity, Equality, Accountability), she is an expert in adjudicating bureaucratic waste, administrative dysfunction, and destructive political rhetoric that choke people and the communities they live in.  Beyond assessing bureaucratic areas for improvement, Ms. Jannock recommends effective strategies, tactics, and programs that Citizens should employ to eliminate bad politicians, corporate executives, under performing Boards, dishonest news medias, and inept administrators.  "When you come across a hostile nest of rattlesnakes, don't form a rattlesnake committee." 


Her life long professional mission is to stamp out all forms of stupidity, dishonesty, and waste whenever and wherever confronted, not form a blue ribbon committee to engage in "navel lint research".

America has great potential due to its values and work etchic.  The potential can only be achieved through strong participation and avoidng passive spectating through your smartphone.

She is responsible for creating the Zero Tolerance of Bad Leaders Doctrine.

                                          - C.M.J.

Janus Public Affairs Council
A global non-profit organization dedicated to holding all public and private entities accountable for their actions through various citizen education programs and initiatives.
Strategic Anti-Terrorism Institute
A private, "dark" think tank whose primary mission is to develop counter-terrorism policies, strategies, tactics, metrics, and tools for combating all forms of terrorism in the United States and global democracies.
U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Primary focus was on developing effective legal measures to enforce US government sanctions world-wide that could withstand international court litigation.
Ph. D - Economics
University of Chicago, IL, USA
Summa Cum Laude
Masters Degree - Global Political Science
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France
Magna Cum Laude
J.D. - International Commerce
University of Oxord, Oxford, UK
Cum Laude